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Friday Fly Day with the SBD Dauntless & Ki43 Hayabusa "Oscar"

Join us Friday, April 29th at approximately 11:00 for our FRIDAY FLY DAY, here at Erickson Aircraft Collection, Madras, OR. This weeks fly day includes our Pilots Mike Oliver and Jim Martinelli, flying the SBD Dauntless and the Nakajima Ki43 Hayabusa "Oscar".  The SBD Dauntless was know as the "Slow but Deadly" Dive Bomber! It's inherent stability and light control response made directional corrections easier while dive bombing. It was equipped with a telescopic sight which increased bombing accuracy. Extended perforated dive flaps (or dive brakes) used during the attack run, could slow air speeds to permit longer and more accurate tracking of the target. Up to six "G" forces could be encountered during dive recovery.  

The Ki43, nicknamed "Oscar" by the Allies also known as the Peregrine Falcon was the Imperial Japanese Army's most widely flown fighter of World War II and in numbers, its most important fighter in the Pacific War. With a top speed of 329 mph, a climb rate of 3,300 feet per minute and an incredible range, with drop tanks of almost 2000 miles, the Army's requirements were met. However, when the Hayabusas were pitted against the Flying Tigers P-40 Tomahawks in Burma, Japanese losses began to rise and from that time on, the allied forces referred to the Ki-43's as "Oscars". Over 6000 were built, but only a few remain today.

Join us at the Erickson Aircraft Collection this Friday, April 29th. Stop by the front desk to pay your admission and receive a sticker to watch our Friday Fly Day!.. Also at approximately noon, our guys will fly down to Bend Municipal Airport for the crowd in that area.  Join at either place for more fun!